Note from Tom Cotter

Note from Tom Cotter, 2015 Show Co-Chair:

Our special thanks to one and all who made this happen. Sue and Mike Dawson were indispensible in doing anything we needed help with, including mailing labels and postcard “sticking”, morning snacks, dealer cookies, library transport, and sign retrieval. Martie, Ken, and Roberta made sure cards were placed effectively in a number of shops and other shows. Keith Yahn was critical in putting out cards at shows, then cruising the U.S. 287 corridor and Littleton to deliver cards in those areas. And Keith helped put out signs Saturday morning before the show, which is not an enviable task.

JoEllen and Rob Winther always provide support, especially with storage and club supply moving. Barb, Mark and Crystal helped with dealers on Thursday, as well as Jenn and Chad Hopkins. Mark, Crystal, Chad, Eric Cotter, and Taylor Scherer were fabulous Sunday making sure all the dealers got loaded and out in a timely fashion. Roberta, Gail, and Marcie worked very hard making the display room perfect. and cut and created new badges when the old ones came up missing. Kudos to all who provided displays; they were fabulous. Thanks to Martie for the cake Sunday. Special thanks to all who helped with shifts in the display room and at the door. Marj and Larry Becker were great, as was Heidi. Steve Bass did a fantastic job with the club booth. JoEllen’s work as Treasurer helped us keep things moving nicely. The Party Time crew brought tables and had them set up early, then, since I didn’t get a call Monday, made them disappear efficiently.

As always, the staff at the Douglas County Event Center helped out whenever we needed, had the hall ready for us, and let us keep keys to finish up as we could each day/night.

We were fortunate to have programs by Kathy Honea and by National Cambridge Collectors by way of Freeman and Jeannie Moore. Enlightening and helpful. And Kathy provided a great article for the Mountain States Collector along with pictures that made even this old glass guy drool. Freeman has requested (and been granted) permission to include display pictures of Steve’s and our displays of Cambirdge for the Crystal Ball and inclusion of the one-page summary about “Depression vs. Elegant” on the NDGA website.

We received many compliments about how great the show looked and the variety of U.S. made products offered. Dealer sales exceeded last year’s by a goodly amount, and the gate was up at least 100 from last year. Our dealers created a wonderful atmosphere and it helped us finish with a fabulous show.

Our EAPG buddies gave us another great display, conveying the type of cooperation and enthusiasm that the collecting community needs more and more these days.

Hugh Grant’s presence Friday through Sunday lifted everyone’s spirits. His enthusiasm and devotion to art of many types is incredible.

My own personal thank you goes to Tina, without whom this show would not have happened.

If I’ve forgotten anyone, I apologize.

Yours in no longer being show co-chair,