Fruit of Glass

Our June program was presented by Roberta Hankins. She shared many examples of fruit-shaped glass made by many manufacturers, including Viking, Glass Eye Studio, Pilgrim, Blenko, Lundberg Studio and Fenton, her favorite. Click on each image to see a larger version.



Glass Eye Studio

Glass Eye Studio


Fenton and Pilgrim


Blenko and Lundberg Studio

A Brief History of the “Array of Color” Show

For 41 years the RMDGS sponsored the Annual “Array of Color” Show and Sale. This year’s sale was the last to be sponsored by the RMDGS, and it was a great one! For more information about the 2015 show, see

At the show in April, 2015, President Roberta Hankins read a tribute (written by Martie Grubenhoff) to the club members and dealers who have nelped make the show great for all these years. Click on “tribute” to read it.

Note of Appreciation from Tom Cotter, 2015 Show Co-Chair

Studying Paperweights…..

For our January 20 meeting’s main program, Marj Becker brought MANY paperweights from her collection for us to study. She taught us what to look for and provided handouts, magnifying glasses and flashlights, as well as the beautiful weights. We learned that they aren’t necessarily called paperweights by those who collect them, and that there are lovely weights from many countries made in many different techniques. Marj especially likes those made by Peter McDougall (see some of his weights here or just Google his name!).

Table for Studying

Table for Studying



And more weights....

And more weights….

My favorite of them all

My favorite of them all

And more to study....

And more to study….

Talking and studying....

Talking and studying….

All beautiful....

All beautiful….

The miniprogram was presented by Tom Cotter, who talked about a varied collection of 1800’s decorative tumblers.

Tom's tumblers with show and tell items at left

Tom’s tumblers with show and tell items at left