About the Rocky Mountain Depression Glass Society

The Rocky Mountain Depression Glass Society (RMDGS) was created in the early ‘70’s by avid collectors interested in learning more about Depression-era glass and china.  The club provides members with an opportunity to share examples of their collections and exchange knowledge about American-made glass and china.  The club’s extensive library is an excellent source for researching information and identifying glass and china pieces.  Recently the club has expanded their areas of interest to include Early American Pattern Glass (EAPG) as well as Carnival Glass.  The RMDGS meets at 7:30 PM on the 3rd Tuesday of each month in the basement of the Epiphany Lutheran Church, 790 South Corona, Denver, Colorado. (June is a show planning meeting; no meeting in December.)  Guests are always welcome. Further information and/or directions are available on request.  The agenda includes a short business meeting followed by an excellent program on Depression Era Glass, EAPG, and/or china collectibles.  During the refreshment portion members can get a closer look at the items presented during the program and seek additional information fromthe presenter.  Club members also attempt to help one another in identifying pieces brought to meetings. 

Historical Note: For 41 years the RMDGS sponsored the Annual “Array of Color” Show and Sale. The 2015 sale was the last to be sponsored by the RMDGS, and it was a great one! For more information about the 2015 show, see www.rmdgs.com/array-of-color-show. At the last show, April, 2015, President Roberta Hankins read a tribute (written by Martie Grubenhoff) to the club members and dealers who have nelped make the show great for all these years. Click on “tribute” to read it.

For more information about the RMDGS, send email to president@rmdgs.com.

For questions about the web site, email webmaster@rmdgs.com.

Click to reach a printable membership application: RMDGS Membership Application